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Our Case Studies

Idea to Impact!

A pre-owned vehicle marketplace.

Campaign Objective: DriveX aimed to reach a larger segment of female consumers to create awareness around the Marketplace.

Our Approach: For Woman’s Day, we curated a Viral Giveaway Campaign, awarding a pre-owned scooter to one lucky woman.

Our Impact: Reached over 1M+ accounts, with 6000+ people interacting with the video.


The 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Campaign Objective: TVS aimed to sell 1 lakh motorcycles in the first quarter of the launch of their brand-new motorcycle, Raider.  

Our Approach: We launched a pan India, vernacular, influencer campaign, Creating awareness and engaging with first-time motorcycle buyers.

Our Impact: Reached over 2M+ Men from Tier 2 cities, Generating over 15,000 Leads.


Swiggy Instamart
India’s 2nd largest quick commerce player.

Campaign Objective: Swiggy Instamart aimed to initiate a CSR Campaign to showcase a different application of their brand for a cause.

Our Approach: We took to the streets of Bangalore to show how Instamart can be used to help those in need.

Our Impact: Reached over 2M+ Accounts with over 200k+ interactions on their content.



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